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What is a Re-up on Audiomack?

By Donna-Claire Chesman on

Audiomack’s re-up feature allows you to instantly share the music you love with your followers, right to their feeds.

Audiomack is about more than hosting your audio files, it’s about building communities around the music we love and moving music forward. With the re-up features, you’ll be able to instantly share the music you love with any of your followers, as well as get solid music recommendations from accounts you trust.

Come across a sleeper hit everyone has to hear? Click or tap the 🔁 re-up button next to the audio and spread the tunes. Similar to a re-tweet on Twitter, once you re-up a track, your followers will see the song in their own feeds. Whether you’re a fan or an artist, re-ups are a great way to help grow your following by giving your followers an inside look into your tastes.

If you’re a fan, other users will know that if you’ve re-up’d a track, it’s probably worth a listen, and will be more inclined to follow your playlists and you can build a steady group of people to share and talk music with.

If you’re an artist, fans will appreciate the extra insight into your influences or currently favorite tracks. If they’re vibing to a track you’re vibing to, that’s an immediate extra layer of connection between yourself and your listeners.

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