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Creators, Stay Informed With Weekly Account Summaries

By Aliyah Lopez on

Finally, you’ve released your long-awaited single or project! Your hard work has paid off and fans are tuned into your next big hit. Now it’s time to understand how your music is performing.

As a creator on Audiomack, each week you’ll receive a breakdown of your top-performing tracks and high-level metrics, along with helpful articles from Audiomack World, delivered directly to your inbox. Want to see a fuller picture of your analytics? Click the link to see your Creator Dashboard.

What’s included?

The weekly summary email includes the total new plays, followers, and favorites you’ve accumulated in the last week. It also provides your top five best-performing tracks over that time period, along with links to your Creator Dashboard and articles to help position you for success on Audiomack.

Who is eligible?

Creators with at least one upload on Audiomack and 100 streams from the previous week will receive a weekly email.

For more insight into your analytics, including who is listening and where they are located, visit your Creator Dashboard now.

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