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Watch Producer Supah Mario Make a Beat in 20 Minutes Using 20 Splice Samples

By Donna-Claire Chesman on

Audiomack Presents: 20/20 with Supah Mario; 20 minutes, 20 samples, one fire beat.

Welcome back to 20/20, the Audiomack series where we give our favorite producers 20 minutes and 20 Splice samples and watch them flip these layers of sound into one impeccable beat, showing off how they are moving music forward on the fly. For this episode, we’ve got the producer behind major hits from Drake, Young Thug, Jeezy, and more, Supah Mario.

“Usually, when I start a beat, I like to start with my melodies,” Mario breaks down for us. “I like to run through sounds and just get a foundation of a good sample melody, or something I could create myself. I usually build my drums one by one after that.”

From there, Supah Mario goes through his 20 Splice samples one by one. Punchy drums and a gloomy, winding melody catch his ear. Settling on some chimes and organs, Mario brings us into his DAW, where we get an exciting look into the creative mind of a super-producer. Of course, this includes throwing one of the samples in Gross Beat.

“This is the fun part,” Mario says, getting ready to build his hi-hats. The resulting beat is packing with energy, bounce, and the swagger that ensures №1 hit status. “I’m weird when it comes to making plugs and stuff,” he adds. “I like to turn the whole beat off and just make up random melodies. I know it doesn’t sound like it fits when it first comes on, but, watch…”

Check out the full video to see Supah Mario work his magic, and to hear the incredible beat he put together in only 20 minutes!

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