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Watch Lil Gotit Get a New Tattoo and Talk YSL on Audiomack Ink

By Donna-Claire Chesman on

Audiomack Ink gives you the inside scoop on Lil Gotit’s face and neck tattoos, and all things YSL.

We’re back with another episode of Audiomack Ink, the video series where Audiomack takes our favorite artists to get the lowdown on their current tattoos while getting them some fresh ink.

On this episode, we’ve got Atlanta rapper Lil Gotit. As yet another Young Thug protege, Lil Gotit has spent 2018 quietly cultivating a following and honing his craft. His work with Lil Uzi Vert and YSL’s Gunna has allowed him some room to flex on his contemporaries and establish his voice in a genre where a unique cadence will secure your bag. His Alamo debut Hood Baby pushed the boundaries of trap music and launched Lil Gotit into the pantheon of the blogosphere.

For his tattoo, Lil Gotit would like a snake on his forearm. Considering his affiliation with YSL, this should come as a surprise to no one. Make sure to check out the full video to see Lil Gotit’s brand new tattoo, and hear him break down his face and neck tattoos, and for some insight into the mind of YSL’s newest upcoming trapper.

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