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Watch Kodie Shane Get a Fresh Tattoo on Audiomack Ink

By Donna-Claire Chesman on

Kodie Shane talks first tattoo, most painful tattoo, giving tattoos to her friends, and more on Audiomack Ink.

Audiomack Ink, SXSW edition, is a new video series where Audiomack links up with some of our favorite artists to get the lowdown on their current tattoos while getting them some fresh ink.

This time around, we’ve got Atlanta’s own Kodie Shane. By nineteen, Shane already has two celebrated projects under her belt, 2016’s Zero Gravity EP and 2017’s Big Trouble Little Jupiter. Her vocals blend equal parts sultry and joyful, with Shane sounding seductive and absolutely jazzed to be on the mic.

“What was my first tattoo?” She says, pointing to a lightning bolt on her hand. “I got it in Toronto after my first tour with Yacthy… After that, I got home, I was addicted.”

As for her newest piece courtesy of Audiomack Ink? “I got the dopamine molecule, for passion and love,” she explains. “I’m such a passionate and loving person.” Shot at SXSW in Austin, Texas, Kodie Shane’s fresh tattoo was done by the prolific Jay Dee Martinez.

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