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Prank Calls

Watch Famous Dex Prank Call Rich The Kid on Prank Calls With Audiomack

By Audiomack on

“Ah! We got your dumb ass.”

Introducing: Prank Calls With Audiomack, a new series where your favorite artists stop by our New York office to wreak havoc on their artist friends in prank call form. Animated by Paper Face and created by Joe Vango, Prank Calls With Audiomack will be the funniest series you watch all day — no money back guarantee necessary.

“Yo, they took my whole plaque,” Dex tells Rich over the phone, while smoking, of course. Dex’s voice cracks, explaining to Rich that the CEO of 300 called and told him the album’s been shelved until December.

“Tell me their name,” Rich demands. “Tell me who did it.” He’s about to send shooters down to this office. Dex stifles a laugh when Rich The Kid gets Selim on the phone. He will not stand for this, not in human or animated form.

“Listen bro, look, bro,” Dex begins the big reveal. “I love you so much, bro, you did a lot for me, bro… Right now, you is on Audiomack, bro. You is getting pranked.” Dex bangs his head on the table laughing. “Ah! We got your dumb ass.”

Sure did.

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