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Using Audiomack Promo Keys & Private Links

By Audiomack on

We’ve built our new promo key & private link system to be the best option available anywhere for artists, labels, and creators. Here’s a quick guide to the cool things you can do with our private links, as well as a how-to.

What can I do with private links on Audiomack that I can’t do elsewhere?

With Audiomack, you can create unlimited custom private links for a song or album. Let’s say you have a single or EP coming out in the future and you want to gauge interest from blogs, PR agencies, labels, and others. With existing options (SoundCloud), you can only create one private share URL per upload, meaning you have no idea who’s played your song, and how many times they’ve done so, unless they’re logged into their SoundCloud account when they click your link.

With Audiomack, you can create a unique private link for each person/agency/label you send a song or album to — meaning even if they aren’t an Audiomack user or logged in, you’ll know they’ve listened (and how many times). This can be crucial for gauging interest, seeing if your pitches have even been opened, and so on.

Audiomack private links also solve a major pain point for artists we’ve talked to — what do you do if a private URL for your new single gets out into the wild? If you’re using SoundCloud, you have to generate a new share URL, which means all the legitimate promos you sent out will no longer work. With our new private links, you can see which link got out (and who let it get out 👊), disable it immediately, and all of your other private links still work.

Our new private links also allow you to create a custom private embed for a premiere partner (blog, etc), which will only be available for them — something our artists have long requested on Audiomack.

How do I do all this?

You can create unique private links for public or private tracks/albums on Audiomack — we give you the option to make custom links for public tracks to enable listen tracking as described above, since you might want to do this with a track that’s already been released as well.

On any track/album you’ve uploaded, just click the lock icon;

This will open the private links modal, where you can create, view, edit, and delete private links.

Enter a custom name for each link (something descriptive, like the name of the blog you’re sending it to), and click add link. The new link shows up in the list, ready to be copied or embedded. You can come back to this modal at any time to view plays accrued on private links you’ve sent out, or to delete private links.

If you experience any issues with the new link features, inquire here.


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