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Top Emerging Electronic Artists & Labels of 2019

By Brendan Varan on

Audiomack presents the top electronic music to watch this year.

2018 was monumental for the growth and development of electronic culture, with Audiomack paving the way to become the next hub for electronic music. With over 1.6 million daily active users and a wealth of emerging and established artists finding success on the platform, Audiomack provides the optimal environment for artists to develop and grow.

Jared Rapoza, Audiomack’s Director of Electronic Music, addresses the current state of EDM on the platform: “Artists, labels, and curators are growing new, retentive audiences to share their content with on Audiomack. The platform is perfectly positioned to become the new hub of electronic music, as it supports both independent and major label acts, has an easy-to-use interface, handles copyright issues with real people and not robots, and has several artist-focused features releasing in imminent updates. Audiomack is the optimal platform for artists in the electronic space to expand their fan bases and share their music.”

To highlight the next generation of electronic music talent, Audiomack Electronic has compiled a list of the top 20 emerging artists and top 10 emerging labels to look for in 2019. Selections were based off of total streams on the platform, reception from users, individuality, and overall potential to skyrocket in popularity this year.

We love Audiomack. We always find the best underground music for our sets and the platform is proving to be a game-changer for electronic music.” — Ship Wrek

…Audiomack has become the perfect outlet to provide the exposure to emerging artists.” — BEAUZ

Check out Audiomack Electronic’s selections below.

Top 20 Emerging Artists of 2019

Top 10 Emerging Labels of 2019

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