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Toosii Is #UpNow

By Audiomack on

What’s up next in culture is #UpNow on Audiomack. Our emerging artist program is dedicated to spotlighting and promoting the next generation of global music superstars.

Repping Raleigh, North Carolina and Syracuse, New York, the melodic and heartfelt Toosii is Audiomack’s latest #UpNow artist.

Toosii began making music because of his family ties to the game, and his music combines the grit of street tales with a syrupy cadence. He dances between pain and pleasure, making tunes that touch on everything from the people he’s lost to the hearts he’s stolen. On hit songs “Love Cycle” and “Sapiosexual,” and across 2020 projects Platinum Heart and Poetic Pain, Toosii revels in being himself. He appears solo on most of his offerings, save for coveted collabs with Summer Walker and Lil Durk.

To date, Toosii has racked up over 90 million streams on Audiomack, developing a loyal fanbase. His most recent single, “back together,” reveals a new level of polish for the artist who recently inked a deal with Capitol Records—a partnership that came off the strength of Toosii’s incredible originality.

“I feel like I am the GOAT,” Toosii says. “Thank you Audiomack for the opportunity to be your next #UpNow artist.”

Toosii is the cover artist of Audiomack’s official #UpNow playlist. Stay tuned for an exclusive interview with the #UpNow artist, coming this week.

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