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Listen to TOBi’s “Come As You Are”: Re-Upped

By Donna-Claire Chesman on

Welcome to Re-Upped, Audiomack’s new editorial series dedicated to spotlighting the best and hottest new songs across genres and across the globe. For a playlist of all Re-Upped selections, click here. Enjoy the vibes.

TOBi & Baby Rose — “Come As You Are”

TOBi embraces all of his identities. The Lagos-born, Toronto-based singer and rapper fuses melody with sharp lyricism to capture a potent tale of his multifaceted experience as an immigrant and loverboy. His more measured 2019 debut STILL gave way to 2020’s ELEMENTS, Vol. 1, which we described as “percussion-heavy and euphoric.” Across his budding catalog, TOBi has slowly showcased a mastery of the ruminating jam.

On June 23, TOBi tapped Atlanta’s Baby Rose for “Come As You Are.” Baby Rose broke out with her 2019 project, To Myself, and has since released a deluxe. The blossoming singer’s voice is inimitable with it’s rich texture and mahogany tone. Baby Rose complements TOBi’s silver-tongued approach, and “Come As You Are” slinks forward with a restrained pace. It’s a deep groove guaranteed to root into and invigorate your entire body.

“What does it mean to love someone as they are and not as a projection of who they portray to the world?” TOBi explains of the track. “Not the layers and titles that we have given to each other. To recognize the humanity in each other as a mirror of self. It’s a lesson in self love as well. We know we are both here right now but we have the potential to be greater versions of ourselves and I want to be there for your blossoming as you’ll be there for me. Sometimes we forget how the simplest things are often the most overlooked but the most important parts of who we are.”

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