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The Audiomack Artist Bill of Rights

By Donna-Claire Chesman on

Artists are of paramount importance to us at Audiomack, let’s break down your rights when uploading to the platform.

Audiomack was founded to create the closest relationship between artists and their listeners. The platform exists as the premier streaming service moving music forward by building deep connections between creators and fans. Each day, artists from around the world upload songs and albums they’ve put their hearts and souls into, changing the lives of listeners they reach on our service and beyond. For a relationship as personal and intimate as this, creators deserve trust, support, and vision. Our platform is creator-first, and our policies stand by and defend artists’ rights.

You have a right of ownership

Your music is your music. You have a right to see that it is shared as you see fit. If you’d like your fans to be able to upload and share it, that is your right and is covered in our Terms of Service. If you want personal power over who uploads and shares your work, that is equally your right. If you encounter an instance of your work uploaded to the site that you do not approve of, we have your back. Notify us and we will work with you to validate and resolve unsanctioned posts.

You have the right to create

The only barrier to sharing with fans should be an internet connection. Artists should be able to create as much as they want without penalty, so Audiomack believes that music should be hosted for free, without limit. Storage restrictions deter creativity, so we’ve created a service that allows artists to host as much of their own music as they want, for free.

You have a right to access

Audiomack is free to download, join, share to, store on, collect money with, and spread around the world. Audiomack will never put your right to access behind a paywall. We generate revenue with advertisements and a premium offering meant to enhance the Audiomack experience, not limit your rights as an artist. The future we’re moving music forward to makes music accessible to everyone.

You have a right to compensation

You deserve to be compensated for your work. Audiomack is scaling a business offering based on subscriptions and ads designed to work for the greatest number of listeners. As we succeed in this mission, our priority is to disburse a fair share of the revenue generated with content to the greatest number of artists. Our AMP Program was created to pay artists for their work directly, owning the fairest possible share of the proceeds they’ve generated.

With over a thousand beta testers on AMP today, we plan to roll the service out to all of our creators early next year. We will make sure we have the lowest feasible disbursement limit, currently at $50. We will never — we mean never — charge artists to be monetization partners.

You have a right to trust

Artists entrust their music to us, so they deserve stability and predictability. Other services may modify terms of service without notice. We firmly believe this is unfair and makes it difficult to feel confident about how your work will be used in the future. Audiomack will never change terms directly related to payments due to artists, such as the AMP revenue split, reporting, or audit language, without notifying artists. Our core principles are founded on the notion that trust within our community is critical. Our line of communication is always open.

The music on Audiomack comes from you, the artist. We succeed when you’re free to connect with your listeners without gatekeepers, fraudsters, or confusing and unfair terms. Our mission is to build the home for music on the internet. This is why we’re moving music forward, and for whom.

– Audiomack

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