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Subgenre & Mood Tags Add a New Level of Discovery

By Audiomack on

Audiomack is built around music discovery. Trending, playlists, top charts and more exist to make it easy for fans to find great new music, from the biggest new songs to the most promising rising artists.

Our new subgenre and mood tags add a new level of granularity to discovery, making it easier to find music from niche genres and specific moods beyond what’s represented on our top charts and playlists. Accurate tagging allows artists to be discovered in more places, and helps listeners more intelligently search for what they want to hear.

Use Tags to Make It Easier For Fans to Find Your Music

Search by Tag: Listeners can search for tags by selecting them on the search page or by clicking directly on the hashtag from the song info. Additionally, you can find tags within the app via the player. By making sure your music is properly tagged, you ensure your music will surface in those search results, which includes all songs, albums and playlists with the tag.

Tags also set expectations with the listener. Tastemakers searching specifically for uptempo party songs to add to their playlist can use tags to search more efficiently. Make it easy for them to find your song!

Define Your Sound

If your music can't be summed up just by a genre, use tags to define yourself to users and help Audiomack users looking for your sound find you easily. Let the world know how you sound.

How to Add Subgenre & Mood Tags

Add tags during the upload process or by editing your song or album. Both the subgenre and mood tag selections exist underneath the main genre selection. Once the upload is live, you’ll be able to review the tags on the song/album page.

NOTE: Only two (2) subgenre tags and one (1) mood tags can be applied on a song or album basis right now.

Why Don’t You Have [Subgenre/Mood/Random] As a Tag???

If you don’t see your tag of choice, please suggest a tag (available above the mood tag selection) and our curation team will review to decide whether or not it will be added.

While other platforms might allow for anything to be entered as a tag, our request-and-review strategy was designed to promote maximum organization and ease in the discovery process.

Now get tagging! Stay tuned for new developments as we strive to further build out our tagging ecosystem, and please let us know what you think about subgenre and mood tags.

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