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San Francisco

San Francisco: An Audio-Visual Essay

By Donna-Claire Chesman on

A visual and sonic experience, all photos and interview Keshia Hannam.

Daghe + Digital — San Francisco

Oakland’s Daghe declares that he’s not a DJ, he’s a consumer. Though the San Fransisco based artist travels the country performing and spinning (for Nef the Pharaoh) constantly, his desire for knowledge, excitement and unique experiences for himself has meant a lock on what his audiences want too.

Fiercely loyal to Oakland, the performance DJ lives and breathes the region that the likes of Digital Underground, MC Hammer and Too $hort also called home.

The East Bay area prevails as a home for left-field artists to grow, as people and professional creators. There are those who will develop there and move on, and those who take the responsibility for their neighborhood as their own.

I’ve had so many moments that have impacted me. It’s hard to pick one that defines Oakland, or my life here. When it comes to it, I’m a Nigerian from Oakland, you know what I’m sayin’? I run a lot of shit out here. But it’s important that n*ggas know, I don’t push anything unless it’s fire.”
Private jets, the travels, that doesn’t define me. My family in the other room define me.”
“I have five controllers. It used to be six, but I broke it. I spilt Hennessy on it.”
“Most people need to level up creatively and and in the way that they live–in their lifestyle. I would love to level up creatively, but I am cool with my lifestyle.”
“I would love my [Instagram] DMs to be full of bad bitches. But it’s not. My reality is that it’s full of kids. It’s full of n*ggas telling me they’re wanting to be photographers now because of me.”
“I am trying to be rich as fuck. But I know my obligation is to this community, regardless of where I go or what I become.”
“I am never leaving Oakland. I am here. Most days you will find me skateboarding or with my crew.”
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