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Listen to Rylo Rodriguez’ “Pallbearers”: Re-Upped

By Donna-Claire Chesman on

Welcome to Re-Upped, Audiomack’s new editorial series dedicated to spotlighting the best and hottest new songs across genres and across the globe. For a playlist of all Re-Upped selections, click here. Enjoy the vibes.

Rylo Rodriguez — “Pallbearers”

Rylo Rodriguez blends grimacing punchlines with pained vocals, to the point where you can really hear the Alabama rapper bleeding out in the booth. His new single “Pallbearers” takes listeners on a tour of life beyond online flexes with images of hearses and caskets being carried.

Produced by Al Geno, the song’s bouncy melodies balance out the gut-wrenching content: “It’s been eight months, momma still can’t afford him a tombstone / I know steppers who’ll come kill ya with no shoes on.” Gruesome and sobering, “Pallbearers” feels like a real-life dispatch from someone who’s seen and lived through too much.

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