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Pop Future: October 2020

By M. Oliver on

Pop Future is a monthly column that highlights the best new pop songs from rising artists on Audiomack. Listen to and favorite the Pop Future playlist, which includes all of these selections and more.

Zuchu feat. Joeboy — “Nobody

Zuchu’s sparkling pan-African alliance with Nigerian man of the hour Joeboy was the pick of October’s pop. The Tanzanian flutters over the infectious bongo riddim, switching from Swahili to English to proclaim her unrivaled affections for a loved one, ahead of a predictably winsome contribution from Joeboy.

Hamond — “Hotel Zaza

Houston’s Hamond centers his new single “Hotel Zaza” on a sample from the Artful Dodger and Craig David UK garage classic “Re-Rewind.” Fashioning ethereal pop from the original 2-step underpinnings, Hamond smoothly renders David’s flow into the sensual soundscape, affixing his desires to a decorous blend of synths and discerning percussion.

Knust & CMK — “Madrugada Fria

The title track from Knust’s new EP Madrugada Fria (Cold Dawn) preaches the blessings of a fresh morning to invigorate the spirit. The rapper-singer from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil wafts over producer CMK’s granular groove, impelled by a distorted jangle and a Brookyn kick-snare, gliding on to a temperate hook that calms his melancholy.

Audriix — “Deep Breaths

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Audriix’s latest release, “Deep Breaths,” wouldn’t have sounded out of place at the height of Euro disco’s popularity in the mid-’70s. Boasting a cosmic chorus-post chorus union that summons the spirit of ABBA and Boney M., “Deep Breaths” basks in melody, ushering minimal disco into the 2020s.

VCTRYS — “Unbelievable

VCTRYS’ new single is a brooding cover of EMF’s 1990 No. 1 hit, “Unbelievable,” that marries the British new-wave sound of a decade prior to an ominous set of electronic rock sonics. The mysterious New York trio’s dark pop escapade intensifies throughout, reverberating into an exhilarating, bellowed crescendo.

Bamily — “Oh Damn

The title track of Bamily’s latest EP, Oh Damn, is a wistful slice of indie pop from the South London quartet. Recounting tales of heartache over stripped-down percussion and fulsome synth stabs, “Oh Damn” charters a vintage pop trajectory, landing on a rousing final chorus that would force a boyband off of their stools.

Art Auré — “Good Times

Washington D.C.’s Art Auré captures the essence of ‘70s orchestral disco and the spirit of the boogie with her latest single “Good Times.” An effervescent call to forget your troubles and do the Hustle, Art’s timeless vocals combine with a discerning Philly-esque wall of sound to roll back the years to the high life of the Crisco Disco and Studio 54.

FIG — “You’re Kinda Perfect

Malaysian-born, New York-based singer-songwriter FIG’s new single urges self-love through bedroom pop. Backed by a delicate bass groove, FIG’s airy vocals build into a dreamy, contemplative chorus, transforming “You’re Kinda Perfect”’s nebulous glow into ambient pop bliss.

Hamisa Mobetto feat. Singah — “Ginger Me

Tanzanian model and singer Hamisa Mobetto’s “Ginger Me” is a sensual Bongo Flava offering, in collaboration with Nigerian singer Singah. Smoothly flitting between Swahili and English, the Dar es-Salaam native’s call for affection is met by Singah as the duo manifest their desires over “Ginger Me’s” cultured percussion.

Dru — “Can’t Get Enough

Dru hitches a ride on the D-Train back to the early ‘80s boogie scene for the inspiration for his new single “Can’t Get Enough.” Marshalling a boisterous electro-funk ensemble of synths and kicks with a vintage vocal performance, the Ontarian’s nostalgic trip down memory lane is a pulsating call to the dancefloor.

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