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Pop Future: June 2021

By M. Oliver on

Pop Future is a monthly column that highlights the best new pop songs from rising artists on Audiomack. Listen to and favorite the Pop Future playlist, which includes all of these selections and more.

Vella — “Pull the Trigger

Seventeen-year-old Vella puts forth an age-defying vocal performance on her new single, “Pull The Trigger.” The Floridian towers over a retro-soul mise-en-scène with seasoned vocal flexibility and dazzling inflections, building to a rip-roaring chorus that echoes of Atlantic soul. A gospel-charged, blue-eyed triumph.

Remi Wolf — “Liz

Remi Wolf followed up her star-studded remix LP, We Love Dogs, in June with her rapturous new single “Liz.” The 25-year-old Californian’s soulful quiver bursts into a rich jazz-imbued warble as she scats her affection for the song’s namesake in a period pop-soul number with lush funk colorings.

44phantom — “don’t fall

Oklahoma-born, Seattle-based 44phantom exchanges grunge for heart-and-soul chords in his new single, “don’t fall,” a sugary pop-soul warning to a lovesick admirer. The 19-year-old’s rhythmic dexterity blends with a vintage arrangement, peaking in a winning guitar solo ahead of a rousing chorus crescendo.

The Great Communicators — “Whispering Voice

The Great Communicators’ new single “Whispering Voices” is a rollicking slice of indie-pop from the Amsterdam-based sextet. A kaleidoscopic fusion of plump percussion, zippy strings, and glistening melodies, “Whispering Voice” captures the effervescent indie-rock energy of Yeasayer and Arcade Fire.

The Crying Violets — “Broken Dreams Club

Nottingham-based indie trio The Crying Violets’ new single “Broken Dreams Club” is a pensive indie-pop cut that glistens with a sunlit jangle. Coalescing Byrds-era folk-rock with the ethereal melancholy of early dreampop, frontwoman Katie Lyle’s wistful vocals capture sorrow in sunshine pop.


Australian singer-songwriter THE BLOSSOM followed up their recent 97 BLOSSOM EP with the winsome new single “SPIKE COLLAR.” Embracing the alternative, guitar-driven pop sonics of the early ‘90s, the Sydney-born, LA-based artist imparts their insecurities to a mid-tempo string setting, with a melancholic undercurrent.

Jada Facer — “Hey Love

Twenty-year-old actress-cum-singer Jada Facer’s latest single, “Hey Love,” is a pulsing plea to a long-distance lover to come home. The Utah native’s breathy vocals glide over an airy, percussion-driven backdrop, bursting forth into a sweet-toned chorus that flourishes on repeat.

Anna Rune — “Milk Tornado

Anne Rune’s hazy new single “Milk Tornado” is a lo-fi pop effort from the Rotterdam-based artist. Questioning whether a new love is too good to be true over an interflow of bass, breezy synths, and syncopated beats, the Belgian singer-songwriter’s wistful tape-hiss collage blossoms into an atmospheric pop delight.

Anna Sofia — “Eat It All Up”

Seventeen-year-old singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Anna Sofia feeds her trust issues to her new boyfriend in her new single, “Eat It All Up.” Flipping teenage romance struggle into sweeping pop, the Ontarian compares her relationship confidence to a cinnamon bun, waiting to be devoured.

Jared Alto — “Stranger

East London-based Jared Alto released his second single in June, the affecting piano ballad, “Stranger.” The Kent native’s stirring tenor chaperones an arrangement of fragile harmonies and dulcet synths, relinquishing the despondency of a loved one now being little more than a stranger in his life.

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