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Pop Future: July 2021

By M. Oliver on

Pop Future is a monthly column that highlights the best new pop songs from rising artists on Audiomack. Listen to and favorite the Pop Future playlist, which includes all of these selections and more.

Ori Rose — “Casey

Ori Rose summons the sunshine pop of the ‘60s for his new single, “Casey.” The New Yorker’s timeless tenor marries with a breezy pop-rock backdrop, crooning his case with a magnetic hook, in a vintage pop rendition with an acute Gen Z twist.

The Brazen Youth — “My Hometown

The Brazen Youth pays tribute to their roots in their latest single, “My Hometown.” Evoking the intricate vocal harmonies of the Hollies and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, the Connecticut-based three-piece create a jangly slice of folk-rock that wouldn’t have sounded out of place on a 70s sunny afternoon.

Bye Beneco — “Red Dress

Bye Beneco’s new single, “Red Dress,” is a brooding experimental pop effort from the South African band. The shape-shifting collaboration with singer-songwriter Lucy Kruger thumps from the low end, coasting on a wicked synth bassline before reorienting into a varicolored synthesis of breakbeats and trebled harmonies.

MUNYA — “Pour Toi

MUNYA’s latest single, “Pour Toi,” is a dreamy disco-pop effort from the Montreal-based singer-songwriter. Immersing an irresistible funk bassline in a hazy interflow of 4/4 drums, lucent jangles, and falsetto synths, la Québecoise floats over the cosmic groove, offering assurance to a distant lover.

Ed Staal and Dom Porter — “With You

Ed Staal teamed up with Bristol producer Dom Porter, for their new dusty soul effort, “With You.” The 21-year-old, Hertfordshire singer-songwriter’s mellifluous quiver marries with Porter’s discerning arrangement of distorted bass, measured percussion, and ornamental vinyl crackles in a tender romantic declaration.

Leyya — “Lately

Groove is at the heart of Leyya’s new floor-filler “Lately.” The Viennese duo revamps a bassline akin to Herbie Hancock’s “Bring Down the Birds” into a textured blend of funk and psychedelic pop. Vocalist Sophie Lindinger’s sotto voce tone contrasts with the polychrome percussion and SOS synths as she surrenders her worries to dance.

Amy Jones — “I think I’m in love

Cape Town’s Amy Jones takes inspiration from the Steinberg and Kelly songbook for her ‘80s-colored new single, “I think I’m in love.” The 28-year-old South African songstress’ gentle melody builds into a rousing chorus, as she confesses her relationship insecurities in a nostalgic dance-pop ballad.

Luchis — “Para Extrañarte

Boston-based singer-songwriter Luchis released the third song of her fledgling career in July, the dulcet, pop-soul ballad “Para Extrañarte.” The 21-year-old Guatemalan—who released her first single in February—pins her tender vocal to a dysphoric production, surmounting the industrial percussion to plead with a loved one to stay.

GOSTO — “Yurnodalone

GOSTO’s new single “Yurnodalone” is a sunshine pop triumph from the Amsterdam-bred singer-songwriter. Capering on an electric bassline, the multi-instrument’s organic arrangement is a sweet-toned accompaniment to his warm-hearted pled.

Red Robyn — “Not Over

Red Robyn’s “Not Over” is a high-spirited floor-filler from the Durban-based singer and multi-instrumentalist. Confessing she still has feelings for an old flame, the upbeat synth production spills into four-to-the-floor, electropop splendor for an exuberant chorus, as the 26-year-old South African lifts her spirits with sub-bass.

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