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Listen to Pasto Flocco’s “Thats Cap”: Re-Upped

By Donna-Claire Chesman on

Welcome to Re-Upped, Audiomack’s new editorial series dedicated to spotlighting the best and hottest new songs across genres and across the globe. For a playlist of all Re-Upped selections, click here. Enjoy the vibes.

Pasto Flocco — “Thats Cap”

The beauty of the New York underground lies in the variety of sounds bubbling up at once. In a scene that sprawls from the meditative to the rambunctious, Pasto Flocco stands out with a colorful drawl. From his first official track “Ball Hard” in 2018, to a series of EPs, to his 2020 debut full-length Dreams 2 Reality, the Queens rapper has been quietly prolific while honing in on his sound.

On September 3, Flocco dropped his latest project, Disturbing The Peace. “Thats Cap,” a standout which found a home on the album after a leaked version had been circling the internet for the past year, is a curious look at the post-Playboi Carti toybox aesthetic if it were also couched from a smoke session. Zooming verses—more catchphrases layered atop each other—drive the track. A brisk offering, “Thats Cap” is pure fun meets pure facts.

“It feels like an off-genre hip-hop,” Pasto Flocco tells Audiomack World. “It’s just beautiful. Flexin’ on how these fools are lying their ass off in their music.”

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