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Now Playing Has a New Look

By Audiomack on

Are you ready to immerse yourself in a new world of NOW PLAYING??? Are you ready to embark to a land where comments are at the swipe of your fingertips, where other content from the artist you're listening to is available with a flick of the wrist, where equalizer functionality flows like wine, and where everything just looks better?


Then stop what you're doing and download the latest update to the Audiomack app to upgrade to version 5.0, the latest version of the best music streaming app on this planet and every other one. Download/update here.

Once you've upgraded to our latest version, you'll notice our redesigned and refreshed new Now Playing screen, along with plenty of other goodies to enhance your listening experience!

Here's what's new:

Now Playing


Earlier this year, we launched comments to make it easier for artists and fans to interact. It's been incredible to see our users respond and create a positive community that features valuable feedback from listeners, artists using comments to build a stronger, direct relationship with their fans, and only a few people trying to recruit for the Illuminati via WhatsApp.

With 5.0, we've made comments even easier to post and read. With a swipe down on the Now Playing screen for anything you're listening to, you can see every comment, upvote the best ones, respond, and leave one of your own.


Find out more about the song you're hearing. By scrolling down and tapping over to the Info section, you can find a song's total plays and how it ranks on Audiomack for the day, week, month, and all-time. You can also see its release date and main genre.

More From Artist

Find something you like? Scroll down to find other uploads from that artist and discover the rest of their music.


The Audiomack app, your Chromecast's new best friend. Update to 5.0 for full Chromecast functionality and start enjoying your music and podcasts on your favorite devices. NOTE: Chromecast is available for Audiomack Premium subscribers only. Upgrade to a Premium account in the app through My Library or the Settings page.


Our latest update brings new equalizer functionality, also available on the new Now Playing screen, allowing you to adjust the sonic frequencies of any song and truly optimize the sound quality according to your tastes. Our EQ also comes equipped with 10 custom presents that cover a variety of genres and volume preferences. NOTE: EQ functionality is available for Audiomack Premium subscribers only. Upgrade to a Premium account in the app through My Library or the Settings page.

iMessage App/Android Widget

iPhone and Android users, it's time to set your differences aside and rejoice together, hand-in-hand. It's now easier than ever to share and enjoy music on Audiomack with our brand new iMessage app and Android Widget.

Other Notes

  • Support for iOS 10 and Android 5 has been discontinued.
  • Users must now login to download. If you don't have an account, create one here.
  • Google Play subscribers will be alerted in-app when payment fails.
  • Bug fixes (including playback issues) and performance improvements!
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