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Listen to YGTUT’s Riotous New EP ‘I.O.U.’ on Audiomack

By Donna-Claire Chesman on

YGTUT is back with his effortless new EP, ‘I.O.U.,’ streaming on Audiomack.

YGTUT lives and breathes Chattanooga. His 2015 album Preacher’s Son, one of the strongest debuts in recent memory, put him on the map as an affecting and energized rapper, one who can make life music that is easy to sink into and difficult to forget. In the four years since, however, TUT has not dropped any new music, instead focusing on getting his personal life right and growing as a man. Now, with the release of his newest EP, I.O.U., the wait is over. YGTUT is back and more effortless than ever.

You’ve never heard YGTUT handle life raps quite like this. Gone are the hazy days of Preacher’s Son, and in their place are more spirited bars and a charisma that has TUT sounding like a man reinvigorated. His energy is perpetually climactic and fresh. His delivery is punchy and consistently resonant. The life lessons of 2015 are still present, but now packaged in a more brisk and dialed-up veneer. YGTUT sounds positively enthused, overjoyed to be rapping and delivering new music, to be getting to this money while doing something that he loves.

“What I’m doing actually has purpose,” TUT told DJBooth. “What I’m doing is actually changing somebody’s life. I just wanna be that for people, but at the same time be myself. I want you to know that I’m genuine.” With I.O.U., TUT’s honesty and genuineness come without second thought. Press play to hear how YGTUT is moving music forward.

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