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Listen to YBN Nahmir's New Single, "Automatic" on Audiomack

By Donna-Claire Chesman on

Fresh off his XXL Freshman status, YBN Nahmir delivers a rowdy new single, “Automatic.”

Alabama upstart and 2018 XXL Freshman YBN Nahmir is back with another one-two punch single, this time entitled “Automatic.” Following the lead of his previous hits, “Rubbin Off The Paint” and “Bounce Out With That,” this track clocks in under two minutes of straight bars from the young spitter. Nahmir’s flow fuses the syrupy air of the South with a touch of West Coast swagger, showing us exactly how YBN Nahmir is moving music forward.

“Automatic” is springy and biting. Nahmir’s flow is permeated by a focused heat. His content remains familiar, using streaks of youthful adrenaline to paint street life in his image. Dabbling with West Coast flavors gives “Automatic” a welcome bounce, and provides Nahmir with the space to up the menace of his delivery. As a result, YBN Nahmir’s vocals have more depth and grain than they did on previous singles, making him sound all the more authentic.

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