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Listen to Valee’s Ambitious Single, “I Got Whatever”

By Donna-Claire Chesman on January 11, 2018

Chicago’s Valee marries the haze of trap with blistering delivery on “I Got Whatever.”

Chicago is a hotbed for talent. Be it the rattle of drill, the gospel of Chance The Rapper, or the haze of their latest young upstart, Valee, the city is ripe with talent. On “I Got Whatever,” Valee sinks down into a vat of dark purple synths and keys, with his juiced flow acting as a liferaft.

Valee’s delivery keeps “I Got Whatever” tempered, to the point of engrossing the listener. What should be an energetic double-time flow is steeped in nonchalance. A track that should be rolling off the precipice is kept teetering, which keeps us engaged to the final adlib. Valee is a speed racer, but his swagger keeps him lapping his competition on cruise control.

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