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Listen to tobi lou's newest EP 'tobi lou and the Juice' on Audiomack

By Donna-Claire Chesman on

tobi lou delivers his most thought out and engaging EP: ‘tobi lou and the Juice.’

tobi lou is set to be Chicago’s next superstar. The young artist brings the joy and layering of cartoons to hip-hop with a batch of EPs and videos that take the fringes of happiness and leave us questioning everything while lou skates over brash drums and stunning melodies. While tobi lou and the Moon and tobi lou and the Loop were working with a single theme and motif, his latest EP tobi lou and the Juice has the room and know-how to start and egg on serious conversations about youth and nostalgia.

tobi lou and the Juice is pretty, but it is underscored by a grip of darker threads. Between the double-meaning of “Sadderday” and the harrowing lore behind “Lavender Town, pt. 1,” Juice has lou amping up his bait-and-switch tactic. That is, Juice is sonically becoming, but thematically vexed. We’re served up stories of wasted youth and what it means to grow up as childhood is dying. Through it all, lou remains “happy+extra sad,” and though that may sound derivative, it’s the exact nuance we need to discuss transition and youth. This is how tobi lou keeps moving music forward.

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