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Dominican Republic

Listen to the Top 20 Songs from the Dominican Republic on Audiomack

By Donna-Claire Chesman on

Audiomack puts together a chart based on street buzz and commercial success, highlighting the songs coming out of the DR that are moving music forward.

Welcome to Audiomack’s Top 20 Latin Charts. These specially curated charts exist to close the gap between commercial success and street buzz. Our hope is to showcase the music and artists truly moving music forward, that may not have the resources to take over traditional streams like radio. The countries chosen for these charts are countries that have core fan bases on Audiomack, as the platform is an excellent place to cultivate a strong and dedicated fan following. We pride ourselves on the Top 20 series, because radio success will not determine chart placement. We’re here for quality artists and quality music first, the numbers come second.

Featuring El Alfa, Bulova, and Lirico En La Casa, the Dominican Republic Top 20 chart is a who’s who of the artists moving music forward in the DR. El Alfa is likely most familiar to our American audiences, with collaborations under his belt with Anuel AA and Cardi B. Per our own Max Escobar, “he has made major strides to make sure he is a featured artist in Dominican Republic.”

We’re charting Bulova on the heels of his break out year, with four of his songs already charting in the Dominican Republic. Meanwhile, Lirico En La Casa is best known for creating a new signature sound in the subgenre of Dembow. This year, Lirico has earned himself the moniker of hitmaker, and is well on his way to achieving superstar status. When you throw on a Lirico song, you’re sure to be swept away by his use of melody and unique ability to place you within the heart of the party.

Press play on the Top 20 of the Dominican Republic, and discover your new favorite artists today. If you like what you hear, check our Audiomack’s other specially curated playlists.

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