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Listen to the Top 100 Electronic Songs of 2018 on Audiomack

By Donna-Claire Chesman on

Audiomack puts together a playlist of the top electronic songs of 2018.

2018 has been an amazing year for music. In terms of electronic music, heavyweights and new artists alike emerged to keep the genre as innovative and rage-inducing as ever. Quintessential remixes of the years top hits and fresh, vibrant, body-jolting cuts made this a marked year for electronic music. To keep you in the loop, Audiomack has put together a playlist of 2018’s top 100 electronic songs. If an electronic track was making waves this year, chances are, it popped off first on Audiomack.

Featuring Diplo, TroyBoi, Kasbo, Vincent, and more artists moving music forward, this playlist is a who’s who of the artists that made 2018 shine for the electronic scene. Diplo’s teaming up with GoldLink, TroyBoi’s teaming up with Destiny, and an impressive string of contributions from Vincent remind us that year over year, electronic music flourishes. Be it production that makes and breaks tension, or sunny-day music that warms the soul, Audiomack has you covered with the best of the best.

If an artist was moving music forward in 2018, they were doing so on Audiomack. It’s been an amazing year for music; thanks for riding with us.

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