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Hometown Heroes

Listen to the Hometown Heroes of Nigeria on Audiomack

By Donna-Claire Chesman on

Specially curated by Ade, Audiomack is proud to present the Hometown Heroes of Nigeria.

Nigeria is home to a rich and influential music culture. Perhaps best known for big-name Afrobeats artists and fusions of African rhythms, jazz, soul, and funk, Nigeria’s music scene packs a potent and internationally co-opted sound, shaping everything from American hip-hop to the European club scene. On the whole Nigeria is moving music forward, and most music heads are none the wiser, until now.

Specially curated by Ade, Audiomack is proud to present the Hometown Heroes of Nigeria! Working with 506 MUSIC, a Lagos-based record label, Ade boasts a special insight into the rising stars of Nigeria. With a natural passion for artistic growth and keen eye for potential, there could be no one better to spotlight Nigeria’s upcoming talent.

Featuring Joeboy, Mr Eazi, Oz., Kaylu, and more Nigerian artists moving music forward, this playlist catalogs the wide breadth of sonics Nigeria has to offer. The beloved island tint being used in so much popular hip-hop drives most of the selections, but with a depth that is missing from the state-side interpretation of the overarching sound of Afrobeats. Then there’s the irresistible and velvety quality of the vocals ranging from Bawa to Oz..

The hometown heroes of Nigeria are meant to be sunk into and lounged about with, so press play on this playlist and discover the roots of your favorite American hip-hop tropes and your favorite new artist.

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