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Monte Booker

Listen to the Essential Monte Booker Tracks on Audiomack

By Donna-Claire Chesman on

Audiomack puts together a playlist of producer Monte Booker’s most essential tracks.

There are people we assume to be super producers, and then there is Monte Booker. When his name is thrown into the conversation, we immediately think of the Chicago hip-hop renaissance, and we think of Smino, Noname, Bari, and more. A Zero Fatigue and Soulection member, if you’ve ever lost yourself in the throes of a Smino cut, you were likely under Booker’s spell. His unique use of textures and penchant for the weird make him one of the most exciting producers currently working. To keep you in the loop, Audiomack puts together a playlist of Monte Booker’s most essential tracks. And, yes, it is all Smino everything.

Every iconic Smino cut finds its way onto this playlist. From “Anita” and “Wild Irish Roses” to the newer offerings “KLINK” and “FENTY SEX” featuring Dreezy, Monte Booker’s ineffable touch makes each Smino album one for the books. We also have Noname’s “Sunny Duet” with theMIND and a few select cuts from Bari and Adria Kane to fill out the playlist and give you a full taste of Booker’s smooth, oddball range. If it sounds like the silkiest, most ephemeral sound you’ve never heard before, chances are that Monte Booker produced it. That’s how he keeps moving music forward.

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