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Listen to the 'More 9th' Blend Tape by DJ Critical Hype

By Donna-Claire Chesman on

DJ Critical Hype takes classic Drake verses and blends them with classic 9th Wonder production.

DJ Critical Hype recently blessed us with The DAMN. Chronic, a blend tape of Kendrick Lamar verses and some eclectic Dr. Dre beats. A few months removed, Crit is at it again with another tape that hip-hop desperately needed: More 9th, a blend of Drake verses and production from the venerable 9th Wonder. Clocking in at nine tracks, obviously, we hear Drake as we’ve never heard him before, his verses interfacing with space and samples on tracks that he would otherwise never concoct on his own.

With Drake’s constant allusions to Little Brother, this is the collaborative project older Drake stans have been dying for. While we’re used to hearing Drake on pop hits, over 9th’s soulful cuts, Drake sounds right at home. With a little tweaking from DJ Critical Hype, these tracks sound fresh and organic, as if they’ve always existed — because they should have. Two years ago, DJ Critical Hype released another crucial offering: the Chance The Rapper and Kanye West Chance The Dropout blend tape.

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