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Listen to Tee Grizzley's Debut Album, 'Activated' on Audiomack

By Donna-Claire Chesman on

On ‘Activated,’ Tee Grizzley raps like he has everything to lose.

No one is hungrier than a Detroit rapper. Enter: Tee Grizzley, an artist whose biggest hit, “First Day Out,” is as declarative and joyful as it is a potent picture of where Grizzley has been — consider the single source material for his content to come. Since 2016, Grizzley has released a grip of successful singles, distilled his energy into its most potent, and finally released his debut album, Activated.

Tee Grizzley delivers Activated as a street opera. The winding keys on titular song, “Activated” pad Grizzley’s frenetic flow. Grizzley raps like he has everything to lose, and he’s lost before, so he knows the importance of making it this time around. But Activated is not a collection of hustle anthems, the album is packed with tender moments that give us a full portrait of the man who stormed hip-hop just under two years ago.

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