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Listen to SOB x RBE’s Latest Album, ‘Gangin’

By Donna-Claire Chesman on

SOB x RBE, a four-piece group from Vallejo, California, release an album that skillfully navigates trap, melody, aggression, and composition.

SOB x RBE, comprised of Slimmy B, DaBoii, Lul G, and Yhung T.O., have taken their breakout success following their appearance on the Black Panther soundtrack to impressive heights. After blowing listeners away with “Paramedic!”, this was the perfect time to release a full length album for their score of new fans.

Gangin should be most admired for its composition. Rather than stuff each member onto every track, the boys avoid a too-many-cooks situation by structuring tunes according to need. The result is a record that operates on an essentials level, with a grip of solo cuts to give listeners an unfiltered taste of each member’s unique energy. Gangin promises a bright future for SOB x RBE.

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