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Listen to rhêtorík’s Bare and Sputtering New EP ‘Behind Closed Doors’

By Donna-Claire Chesman on

rhêtorík lets fans into his psyche and frees himself on his newest project, ‘Behind Closed Doors.’

What happens when chasing your dreams becomes synonymous with freeing yourself from your demons? Stunning music. That’s the story producer-singer-songwriter-DJ rhêtorík tells on his newest project, Behind Closed Doors. rhêtorík is not simply moving music forward, he is giving fans a textured and bare look into his struggles and his triumphs.

Across five songs and in 20 minutes, rhêtorík makes quick work of what hurts him and how he’s learned to heal himself. Earlier this year, he told DJBooth: “I took a year from 24 to 25, where I went completely stone-cold sober, really got into the vlogging, and just took a year of internal reflection. Who am I exactly? What was I trying to be that got me to this point? And what is it that I need to do to be my authentic self from this point forward?”

Behind Closed Doors is the sum of rhêtorík’s reflection, but also his whimsy and snappy energy. Guitars and electronic filters meet on one grand and expansive sonic playground, where rhêtorík finally finds the freedom to express himself without worry. Leading up to the project, the artist encouraged fans to share their insecurities with him in private, to be shared to a Twitter account, in hopes of showcasing the common threads across our struggles. rhêtorík is a natural-born altruist, and his message makes Behind Closed Doors a must listen project.

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