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Listen to Phony Ppl’s Sunny New Album ‘mō’zā-ik.’ on Audiomack

By Donna-Claire Chesman on

Phony Ppl’s ‘mō’zā-ik.’ tackles what it means to pine after something and hope for more.

All good things come from Brooklyn. See: Phony Ppl, the Brooklyn-based band and their newest album mō’zā-ik.. Three years out from their last LP, Yesterday’s Tomorrow, mō’zā-ik. works as a collection of refined tracks detailing every side of yearning. From romance to lives lost, mō’zā-ik. breaks down what it means to pine after something and hope for more, all while enveloped in sunny production and infectious grooves.

Much of the album is built on questioning and understanding. Phony Ppl tackle identity and heartache with the same deft hand. mō’zā-ik. is at once focused and a wandering record. The sonics are airtight and transportive, especially with the biting introduction of fall. The emotions here are roaming to the point of being hard-hitting. Broken hearts and uncertainty drive the album, to be sure, but nothing about mō’zā-ik. feels trite. With topics this tired, we cannot understate how inventive Phony Ppl sound, how their delivery keeps moving music, and how they gingerly address the gravity of life’s most taxing situations.

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