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Listen to Marlon Craft Spit About Being a “NY Baby” on Audiomack

By Donna-Claire Chesman on August 13, 2018

New York’s Marlon Craft delivers a gritty generational anthem for the city.

Hip-hop and New York are synonyms just like hip-hop and Marlon Craft are synonyms. Developing a steady following by way of his freestyles, penchant for jazz, grimy vocals, and cutting lyricism, Craft is poking holes in the notion that New York’s underground must stay overlooked. With his latest single, “NY Baby,” Craft delivers a gritty generational anthem for his city, complete with tight feature from Bodega Bamz.

“NY Baby” is everything we love from Marlon Craft, honed in, with an overcast of tempered aggression. While much of his last project, The Tunnel’s End, boasted sagely moments, “NY Baby” sheds the need to pontificate and replaces it with the heartbeat of the city pulsing through the production and guiding Craft’s sharp writing. His flow has the air of a local, of someone who knows hip-hop and how to treat a beat right. Listen to “NY Baby” to hear how Marlon Craft is moving music forward.

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