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Listen to Lil Durk and Tee Grizzley’s ‘Bloodas’ Mixtape

By Donna-Claire Chesman on

Lil Durk and Tee Grizzley connect for joint mixtape, ‘Bloodas.’

Vultures and grizzly bears were always meant to work together. With no guest spots and all grit, Chicago’s Lil Durk and Detroit’s Tee Grizzley connect for a twelve track mixtape that shows off the sheer amount of talent coming out of the midwest. Bloodas breaks the curse of ho-hum joint projects in 2017. The tape is driven by the duo’s chemistry, their wanton energy, and banging production. Title track, “Bloodas” is the perfect example of effortless a hit can sound when both emcees are on the same wavelength.

Despite being promised on Thanksgiving, Bloodas is well worth the wait. Between the perfectly chaotic bangers on this tape, we also get dark and potent storytelling on “What Yo City Like.” The range is what gives this tape endless replay value as it strikes that balance between introspection and uptempo ruckus. If you weren’t excited about Lil Durk and Tee Grizzley’s careers before, now is a good time to get familiar.

Give the tape a spin and make sure to keep up with Lil Durk and Tee Grizzley’s freshest releases on Audiomack.

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