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Listen to J.PERIOD Blend OutKast and ‘Black Panther’ on ‘#WakandaForeverEver’

By Donna-Claire Chesman on

DJ J.PERIOD takes classic OutKast verses and blends them with the ‘Black Panther’ movie score.

Some things belong together, and as it turns out, OutKast and Black Panther are one of those perfect pairings. Brooklyn-based DJ J.PERIOD executes such the pairing with his latest mixtape, #WakandaForeverEver. Taking the score of Black Panther and both classic and unexpected OutKast verses, J.. is able to add fresh layers to both bodies of work and craft his own narrative from the collective themes covered by the rap duo and the film.

As J.PERIOD explained to DJBooth, he saw several overlaps between the film’s themes of social justice, feminism, and the importance of pride with the themes central to OutKast’s timeliness music. As such, crafting the mixtape was an un-laborious labor of love. Pouring a lot of time into the tape, J.. hopes his listeners find themselves making their own connections between Wakanda and the soundscapes of OutKast, speaking to the transformative and adaptable nature of both works.

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