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Listen to Huey Supreme’s Sharp New Single, “Dolla Bill,” on Audiomack

By Donna-Claire Chesman on

Huey Supreme keeps his impressive 2018 run going with the sharp new single, “Dolla Bill.”

Virginia artist Huey Supreme has had a quiet, yet impressive, 2018. Following up his 2016 project, Hues EP, the rapper went on to release fresh singles in the form of “Antidote” and the introspective hustle anthem, “Late Night.” Now delivering the sharp “Dolla Bill,” we’ve come to find that Supreme’s candor and vibrance on his tracks slot him right into the next chapter of Virginia’s rich hip-hop history.

“Dolla Bill” is driven by Supreme’s stringent cadence. The focused heat of his delivery is nicely offset by the wiry quality of his vocal, leaving us with the impression that he is a mas possessed by his passion. Produced by Andre Joyner, “Dolla Bill” has a distant and slowly enveloping warmth. Raps about money and happiness are not new territory, but Supreme’s humility and candor on the track keep the content fresh. As he shouts out icons from JAY-Z to Kendrick Lamar, we’re primed to see Supreme as a dutiful student and soon-to-be master of the game.

Name-drops aside, it’s the way Huey Supreme stacks up syllables until they tower over the beat, all the while not losing his slick storytelling, that will carry him through 2018 and into a prosperous rap career.

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