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Listen to Alexander Lewis’ Booming ‘OMNI.’ EP on Audiomack

By Donna-Claire Chesman on

‘OMNI.’ is a cavernous, grand, and forward-thinking EP.

Trap is far from dead, and trombonist Alexander Lewis is one of the artists making sure the soundscape stays alive. A California boy who went out to Manhattan to study jazz, Lewis fell in love with the Los Angeles DIY beat scene in 2014, and has been experimenting with his trombone and production ever since. With a hand in future bass, grimy EDM, and, of course, hip-hop, Lewis has carved a lane wherein he and his horn are the rockstars of the stage. OMNI., his latest and most hip-hop focused project, is yet another step forward for Lewis.

OMNI. is a cavernous, grand, and booming EP. Lewis and his horn take center stage, delivering track after track of cinematic bangers. Working with the likes of Brasstracks, Armani White, MadeinTYO, and more, Lewis brings the classic sensibilities he learned at jazz conservatory to the mainstream, using his traditional foundation to craft fresh and boisterous song structures. Each track on OMNI. has a wonderfully quaking quality, and plays like the soundtrack to the end of the world, or a new and raucous beginning.

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