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Listen to Ajani Jones and Boathouse’s Ballistic Collaboration, “FUTURAMA”

By Donna-Claire Chesman on

Ajani Jones and Boathouse link up for a colorful and erratic new single.

You can’t fake chemistry. Luckily for Ajani Jones and Boathouse, there’s no fronting necessary. The rapper-producer duo, both Closed Sessions signees, represent the bright spirit of Chicago’s burgeoning independent music scene. Boathouse and Jones thusly take their chemistry and deliver “FUTURAMA,” a ballistic single that brings out the best from each artist, with all signs pointing towards an impressive and lasting collaborative career.

Boathouse’s production packs all of the thump and grandiosity of a festival banger, with the space for Ajani Jones to attack the beat and flex his aggression. Jones’ cadence lends itself to the constantly ballooning melody and synth organs. The bite in his delivery, coupled with smirk-inducing wordplay, makes this a standout Ajani Jones performance.

“FUTURAMA” places Boathouse and Jones in a perpetual state of ascendance. The duo sound locked in a state of moving music forward and nurturing their craft. Textured percussion keeps the single barreling ever-upward, but there are no signs of peaking for either artist. There is no fall off here, only a well-earned rise to the upper echelon.

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