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Listen to ‘November’ by SiR

By Donna-Claire Chesman on

SiR’s ‘November’ is a journey on the R&B road less traveled.

Brilliant songwriter and TDE’s newest R&B front man, SiR, makes music as rich as it is enriching. The Los Angeles native gives melancholy color on his latest project, November. A detour from the sweetness of his most recent works, SiR uses this record, along with the isolating nature of space travel, to give us his unique perspective on love.

SiR’s ‘November’ is a journey on the R&B road less traveled, the road of love’s less glamorous lows and the relief of tempered highs. While SiR doesn’t ever tap into his Nirvana, listeners get a deeper look into his creative and romantic spirit. As a TDE debut, November is a heavy-hitter, checking all boxes: concept, personality, and staying power. The record both cashes in on SiR’s potential and is a promise of more shining moments to come.

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