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Listen to “Bounce Out With That” by YBN Nahmir

By Donna-Claire Chesman on

YBN Nahmir’s “Bounce Out With That” proves that hip-hop will always be a young man’s game.

Following up his Billboard-charting hit, “Rubbin Off the Paint,” Alabama upstart YBN Nahmir returns with his next hard-hitting single, “Bounce Out With That.” Though we can hear his age in his spry voice, at 18 Nahmir has also all but mastered his syncopated and cheeky flow. Gritty content aside, there’s a natural exuberance to his sound that keeps your ear engaged and has you running his singles back over and over.

“Bounce Out With That” clocks in under two minutes, but the short run time makes the song all the more infectious. It’s easy to get lost in Nahmir’s stunting, to start feeling yourself while he raps about snatching someone’s girl and getting his money. YBN Nahmir excels at lifting hustling and trap tropes, keeping the conversation serious, all while making sure the music is fun as hell.

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