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Lar$$en Gets His Chain “Stolen,” Calls Fatboy: Prank Calls With Audiomack

By Donna-Claire Chesman on

“Bruh, it’s a prank for Audiomack.”

Introducing: Prank Calls With Audiomack, a new series where your favorite artists stop by our New York office to wreak havoc on their artist friends in prank call form. Animated by Paper Face and created by Joe Jackson, Prank Calls With Audiomack will be the funniest series you watch all day — no money back guarantee necessary.

This episode features New Jersey crooner Lar$$en and fellow Jersey native and comedian Fatboy. The setting: the Wendy’s on Broadway. The crime: Lar$$en getting his chain snatched while meeting a fan.

While Lar$$en cries crocodile tears, Fatboy is ready to square up and roll some heads. We tried to sub their conversation, but Fatboy’s passionate reaction proved too much for subtitles. Fatboy cuts the call short, promising to round up his boys and hunt down whoever ran up on Lar$$en. As soon as the line deads, the office is in tears and Lar$$en rushes to call Fatboy back.

“Bruh, it’s a prank for Audiomack,” Lar$$en reveals.


Silence. Laughter. Comedy gold.

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