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Watch Kyodi Spit an Exclusive Freestyle for ‘Bless The Yaad’

By Cheyenne Watson on

Kingston native Kyodi keeps the “Momentum” going with a special Bless The Yaad performance. The artist’s unique brand of dancehall trap music has amassed a dedicated following and over 1.2M streams on Audiomack to date. Performing since he was nine years old, Kyodi’s raw lyricism and ability to ride the beat continues to both improve and impress.

Fresh off the release of his latest single, “Clinic,” Kyodi flexes his one-of-one style over TGUT’s invigorating production for Bless The Yaad.

Shot by Sage English at the Reggae Legends Villa in Kingston, Bless The Yaad puts the poetic mastery of Caribbean talent, both established and on the rise, on the forefront.

Head on over to YouTube right now to make sure you don’t miss upcoming episodes, including an exclusive freestyle from D’Yani!

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