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Listen to KenTheMan’s “Rose Gold Stripper Pole”: Re-Upped

By Cheyenne Watson on

Welcome to Re-Upped, Audiomack’s new editorial series dedicated to spotlighting the best and hottest new songs across genres and across the globe. For a playlist of all Re-Upped selections, click here. Enjoy the vibes.

KenTheMan — “Rose Gold Stripper Pole”

KenTheMan is a must-listen artist in the new generation of Houston emcees. Tailoring an idiosyncratic sound over the span of nine years, the 10 Rappers You Should Know alum’s deep southern swagger drives punchy freestyles (“D*CK FREESTYLE”) and last year’s spunky 4 da 304’s project.

On “Rose Gold Stripper Pole”—her latest single after a handful of loosies— KenTheMan hones in on her barred-up lyricism and commanding sex appeal. “I been running shit, I’m the Sha’Carri of the streets,” she affirms over Bankroll Got It’s thunderous 808’s, and it’s in this authoritative pocket that Ken’s innate magnetism is revealed.

“I really didn’t have an idea for the song I just heard the beat and the lyrics flowed behind it,” Ken tells Audiomack World. “Bankroll told me he had a banger and he wanted somebody fire on it and he got just that. I wanted it to be fun I didn’t want it to be too thought out I just wanted to match how the beat made me feel when I heard it! RACHET!”

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