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Kae The Goat Talks Music and Gets His First Tattoo on Audiomack Ink

By Donna-Claire Chesman on

Audiomack Ink gives you the inside scoop on Kae The Goat’s music, while getting him his first-ever tattoo.

We’re back with another episode of Audiomack Ink, the video series where Audiomack gets the lowdown artists’ music and current tattoos while getting them some fresh ink.

Switching it up from our usual New York City setting, this time we’re in Australia with rising rapper Kae The Goat, who’s getting his first-ever tattoo done by Benny McGill at Taboo Tattoo.

“I’m gonna get 199x just kinda, like, on my ab,” he points. “I’m a 90s’ baby,” he explains, “but no one really knows which year I was born in, so you can’t really lil’ boy me or big bro me.” With Kae making respect-demanding, smart, and infectious trap music, that shouldn’t be a problem.

“The difference that I see from Australia to America, with the rappers, is it’s popped over in America,” Kae breaks down. “So I feel it might be a little bit more crowded over there with the artists, but I see our wave is about to hit.”

Check out the full video to see the final product of Kae The Goat’s first tattoo, and to hear him explain how Australian hip-hop is about to pop off and keep moving music forward!

If you enjoyed the video, make sure to check out the full Audiomack Ink series on Youtube.

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