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Introducing Electronic Era, A New Playlist Series That Gives Curators the Spotlight

By Brendan Varan on

Audiomack Electronic exists to highlight artists and labels pushing the genres of electronic music forward, and for fans to discover the best music that electronic has to offer.

While creators are given daily and weekly shine through trending, charts, and playlists like Verified: Electronic and #OnTheRadar: Electronic, Audiomack is giving tastemakers the spotlight with the arrival of a brand new playlist series.

Introducing Electronic Era, the first independent curator-powered playlist series for electronic music on a streaming platform.

With Electronic Era, Audiomack is focused on creating a hub of electronic music curated by the world’s leading tastemakers in the electronic community.

Who are these tastemakers? Prominent curators like Trap Nation, record labels like Synesthesia Records, and high-profile artists like UZ. Each playlist is made up of artists and songs that embody the brand of its curator, and ranges from the high-energy bangers of Run The Trap, to tropical and deep house tunes of ChillYourMind, to the lo-fi refuge of Chillhop and everything in-between.

Head to Audiomack Playlists for the Electronic Era lineup, which currently features 12 curated playlists. New curators will be added all the time, and each playlist will be updated monthly, so make sure to favorite everything you hear that you love.

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