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Listen to Injury Reserve’s “Superman That”: Re-Upped

By Donna-Claire Chesman on

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Injury Reserve — “Superman That”

Phoenix rap group Injury Reserve—originally a trio of producer Parker Corey and rappers Ritchie With a T and the late Stepa J. Groggs—feel like an untameable force. Mixtapes in 2015 (Live From The Dentist’s Office) and 2016 (Floss) established them as more versatile than their underground darling online status would have listeners think. Floss, in particular, was a rowdy and explosive offering showcasing the then-and-now limitless group dynamic between the trio. In 2019, they released their self-titled Injury Reserve album, demonstrating just how far their sound can go.

The unfortunate reality of Groggs’ sudden passing in 2020 was a heartbreaking halt for the group. Their upcoming album, By the Time I Get to Phoenix, due out September 15, was nearing completion, yet the pain of losing Groggs cannot be understated. The album has since been dedicated to him, with single “Knees” arriving alongside a heartfelt note addressed to Groggs and fans.

Superman That” follows “Knees” and simulates the cacophony and futility of being saved. Corey’s production reaches new and spastic heights. The agony of “Ain’t no saving me or you” morphs and drives the song. There’s a spiritual element to “Superman That,” which eludes the English language altogether. The single proves that feeling in earnest will always outlast our fruitless need to intellectualize pain.

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