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Share Songs to Instagram Stories, Snapchat & More

By Aliyah Lopez on

These days, listening is only a first step to being a fan. It’s also important to let the world know what you’re playing. Posting to social media has become a necessity for many, and tastemaker status is easily obtained by keeping your friends and family up to date on what’s hot. Individual texts take up too much time and effort.

Audiomack’s new Image Sharing feature allows you to showcase your excellent taste in music and podcasts on your social media platform of choice in a clean and beautiful way. Share any song, album, playlist, or podcast episode directly to your Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook Stories, or download the custom “share image” and post anywhere.

Download the latest update to the Audiomack app, upgrade to version 5.2, and to make your social experience easier and more enjoyable.

How to Share a Now Playing Image to Social Media

Make sure you’ve updated to the latest version (5.2) of the Audiomack app. For a song or podcast episode, click the Share button on the Now Playing screen. For a playlist or album, you will find the Share button on the playlist or album page.

Select Social Channel

Select Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook to share directly to your Stories on the respective platform OR select “Share image” for a custom image that you can screenshot and share anywhere. From the Share menu, you can also copy the link to the track, share the link via Twitter or text, or Highlight the track to your Audiomack profile.

Download version 5.2 of the Audiomack app now.

Voila! Happy sharing!


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