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How-to Embed an Audiomack Player on Medium and WordPress

By Donna-Claire Chesman on

It’s easier than ever to embed an Audiomack player into your Medium or Wordpress blog.


Copy and paste the Audiomack track, album, or playlist you would like to embed onto a clear line in the body of your Medium story, and press enter. The player should render right in the body of the post.


Here we have several options. Firstly, you can follow the above Medium method, copy and pasting the Audiomack URL right into the body of your Wordpress post.

Should the player not immediately render, you have the option to copy and paste a WordPress specific embed code from the Audiomack website. Simply click the embed option in the right corner of the website’s player, and make sure to check off the “WordPress” option when generating an embed code. Returning to your WordPress post, make sure to click over to the “text” tab of the post on the top right corner of the main body of your post. Paste in the WordPress code, and the player will render in the body of the post and in the post preview.

Lastly, you can visit Audiomack’s official Embedly page, to convert an Audiomack URL into an embed code. Copy the code and paste it into the body of the post under the “text” tab. The player will render in the body of the post and in the post preview.

If you experience any issues with embeds, reach out to and we’ll help out.

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