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Highlight Your Key Tracks on Audiomack

By Audiomack on

Audiomack allows you to highlight the most important content, pinning it to the top of your page.

Spotlight Your Most Important Content

Highlighting allows you to pin songs, albums, playlists, podcasts and more to the top of your profile. It allows creators to upload more content while keeping priority releases where fans can easily discover them.

Showcase Your Taste

Use Highlight to flex your taste by pinning your favorites.

Hear a new single and you want everyone else to listen? Someone in your crew just drop a fire album? Are you a tastemaker who’s found the next big star on Audiomack? Helped curate a playlist you need everyone to dig into?

Highlight all that good stuff to your Audiomack profile.

How to Highlight:

To Highlight a track, playlist, album, or podcast on the Audiomack app, tap the kebab icon (three vertical dots) on the content to bring up the options menu and select "Highlight," or while listening to a song, click "Share" and then select "Highlight."

On desktop, click the Highlight button to the right of the play button.

Your Highlighted music will appear in the “Highlighted” section at the top of your profile. You can Highlight up to four pieces of content at a time.

Creators, learn how to schedule your releases ahead of time.

Apply for authentication today to instantly notify fans when you release content.

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