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Audiomack Hosts ‘Hear Her Voice’ Creative Panel For Women’s History Month

By Cheyenne Watson on

Last month, we hosted our first ‘Hear Her Voice’ creative panel for Women’s History Month. The panel featured four creatives from different genres such as pop, hip-hop, electronic, and R&B, sharing their perspectives and challenges they’ve overcome as women in the music industry.

Moderated by Bianca Gracie, a journalist and frequent Audiomack contributor, the panel presented unique outlooks and insight into problems faced regarding sexism and discrimination, the importance of women empowerment, stepping into leadership roles, and more.

MNDR, the LA-based GRAMMY-winning producer, artist, and songwriter, shared valuable insights regarding working together to lift each other up and spotlight our voices: “I’ve been working hard for 12 years to change the roles of who women can be in the studio.”

Big Jade, the Beaumont, Texas rapper, offered numerous gems. Jade voiced her disappointment toward “artificial” women empowerment in the hip-hop industry with the gatekeepers who have the ability to uplift up-and-coming artists and share their platform.

María Isabel, a Dominican singer-songwriter from Queens, NY who makes R&B-infused pop music, offered her perspective on various topics including women mentorship and actively seeking out women in management positions.

Sacramento native Stunna Girl, Epic Records signee and viral “Runway” rapper, shared her best advice for women creators trying to break into the industry: “You gotta believe in yourself even when nobody else does. Don’t wait for anyone else to see your vision.”

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